Becominga Massage Therapist in New Jersey

One of the most popular career choices right now is massage therapy. The reasons why range from being well paid to enjoying it as a professional job. However, there are steps that need to be taken for you to become a professional in the massage therapy field. One of the first steps is to find a good massage therapy school where you can enroll and learn the skills, information, and knowledge needed to become a professional massage therapist.


In New Jersey, there are many massage therapy schools that provide a variety of programs, but all of these institutions are not created equally. If you are interested in the massage therapy profession, then it is important to locate the best available massage therapy schools to enroll in. The competition is very tough in the massage therapy profession. As a result, you should try to complete a massage therapy program within a good massage therapy school. This can help you tremendously with finding your first job – as there are thousands of people enrolled in these programs, and all of them are in competition. The quality of the school you attend can separate you from the crowd with employers.


In the New Jersey area, some of the best massage therapy schools include:

  1. The Institute for Therapeutic Massage (ITM)
  2. Gentle Healing Massage School
  3. Rizzieri School of Massage
  4. The Academy of Massage Therapy (AMT) (Out of business)
  5. Essex County College (ECC) (No longer offering the program)


The reasons these three schools rank high regarding massage therapy schools in the New Jersey area include factors such as accreditation status, massage therapy program offerings, overall program graduation rates, school type, and the distance from Jersey City.


All of these factors are important factors that ultimately helped to place these schools at the top of the list of available schools in the New Jersey area. Even though all of these factors are important regarding massage therapy schools, probably the most important factor for you to consider is the accreditation status of the schools. All of the schools listed above are accredited.


The governing body that oversees massage therapy schools should currently accredit any massage therapy schools that you consider for enrollment. This is important for several reasons. These reasons include:


  1. Current accreditation tells you that the massage therapy school is in good standing with the governing body and has properly operated massage therapy programs.


  1. Attending an accredited school will confirm to potential employers that you have the knowledge necessary to be effective in your field. Accredited programs must follow all rules and regulations required by the state, guaranteeing their excellence.


  1. Financial aid availability for students at massage therapy schools is often linked to the current accreditation status of the massage therapy schools. Without current accreditation, schools are usually not eligible to receive financial aid assistance for students attending the schools.


Massage therapy is currently one of the most popular professions in the country. In addition, the time needed to become a massage therapist is not long compared to traditional educational programs. Typically, you could complete a massage therapy program within one year. In the New Jersey area, there are many massage therapy schools, but you should focus your efforts on enrolling in one of the best available. Where you go to massage therapy school is an important decision that you should take very seriously.