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10 Health and Wellness Ideas for 2020!

With the start of a new year, health and wellness is on many of our minds. Here are 10 self care ideas to consider in the new year!


4 Ways to Celebrate Stress Awareness Day!

The first Wednesday of November is designated as International Stress Awareness Day! The timing is perfect, as gearing up for the holiday season means for a lot of people, heightened stress (PRO TIP: if this already sounds like you or someone you may know, you can also see our previous blog post on managing stress…
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EveryBody Deserves Massage Week

Celebrate EveryBody Deserves Massage Week EveryBody Deserves Massage week is July 14-20. The intention of EveryBody Deserves Massage week is to inform the public about the many health benefits of massage therapy. If you already have received massage, this may not be news to you. There are a variety of medical conditions and health reasons that individuals seek…
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A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Improving Research Literacy, Part I

Massage therapists are encouraged to maintain a commitment to fostering research literacy. Research literacy is the ability to find, read, understand, evaluate and apply research literature. Unfortunately, for many, keeping up with the latest research is intimidating. In this article, we will review a few basic concepts for improving research literacy for massage therapists, as…
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Pregnancy Massage Myths

There has always been a lot of folklore surrounding pregnancy, and unfortunately, there are several old wives tales and longstanding myths surrounding massage therapy during pregnancy. Evidence-based massage therapists have an opportunity to debunk pseudoscience and encourage expecting moms-to-be to relax and safely enjoy many benefits of pregnancy massage. Debunking Myths about Pregnancy Massage Many…
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Why Everybody Deserves a Monthly Massage

If you are looking for a way to increase your quality of life that isn’t too expensive, you are probably wondering where you should begin. Many options can help you reach the outcome you had in mind, but few offer the same benefits of a monthly massage. Choosing to get a massage each month will…
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4 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Finding the right career path for your unique personality and future goals can seem like a challenging prospect at times. For those who are passionate about helping others, massage therapy training can create an opportunity for a fulfilling career. Below are four crucial health benefits of massage therapy and several reasons why becoming a licensed…
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