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Massage and Bodywork Therapy License Requirements in New Jersey

If you have decided that a career in massage therapy is right for you and your goals, you will need to take classes to move forward. Learning about the benefits of working as a massage therapist will help you decide if the rewards are worth the investment of your time, energy, and money. You must look at the pros and cons of each path and make an informed decision with which you will be happy. If you are serious about becoming a massage therapist so that you can earn money by helping people, you won’t have much trouble sticking to a proven plan. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Working in Massage Therapy

Taking massage classes in NJ and launching your career will provide you with several unbeatable benefits you can’t afford to ignore. After you complete your massage training courses and are ready to start, you can expect to earn around $50,000 per year for the first few years.

If you stick with it long enough to receive a massage license renewal, your earning potential will likely improve. Most massage therapists work part time and engage in other pursuits while they are off duty, but others opt to start their own business. Working in this field is rewarding and provides you with many opportunities to which you would otherwise not have access.

Education and Training

The state sets clear standards that massage classes in NJ must meet if you want to get your career moving in a positive direction. Entering this field requires you to complete a minimum of  500 hours of training, which also includes 100 hours of clinical practice, at an approved school. The classes you must take include physiology, massage, business law, and several related massage electives.

What to Look for in a School

Choosing a school that stands out from the rest is a significant step that will take you even closer to your desired outcome. The class you choose should help you get a massage license once you complete your training and set up for renewal once you begin working in your field. You must select a location that has friendly staff who care about each student if you wish to simplify the process. Opting for classes that fit your needs and style will empower you to get on track without much trouble, and you will smile when you see how much progress you can make.

Taking Action

If you are sure you want to be a massage therapist, the Institute for Therapeutic Massage can help. The passionate and welcoming staff are always ready to take your call and answer your questions. Based on your situation and goals, they will help you find a class schedule that makes sense for you and the outcome you had in mind from the start. With a little dedication and hard work, you can finish the course within seven months, and you will be a trained and certified massage therapist sooner than you once thought possible.

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