Now is the perfect time to enter the field of massage therapy

There has never been a better time to become a massage therapist. Long regarded as a niche reserved for the treatment of athletes and the wealthy, massage therapy has quickly become a mainstream treatment modality. A deep tissue massage rehabilitates the body as well as the mind and soul. Let’s take a look at exactly why this is a lucrative field that will continue to rise in popularity across posterity.


Massage Therapy has Spilled Into the Mainstream

It wasn’t long ago when massage therapy was strictly limited to athletic training rooms and lavish resorts. Nowadays, massage parlors, spas and resorts are seemingly ubiquitous. Take a stroll around any decent sized city and you will likely find a business that offers massage therapy on nearly every other street. The word is quickly spreading that massage therapy reduces physical pain but also boosts morale and spirit. Add in the fact that the economy continues to recover from its 2008 dip, and it is easy to see why there are a growing number of employment opportunities for professional massage therapists.


A Look at the Numbers

When one examines the national employment figures across the board versus those for licensed massage therapists, there is a clear contrast. It is not difficult to find a job that pays more than a living wage if you are a licensed massage therapist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the 10-year job growth rate for massage therapists is an incredible 162 percent. The growth rate of most other professions pales in comparison. The Bureau anticipates that nearly 44,000 massage therapist positions will be added in the next decade. All-in-all, over 70,000 massage therapists are employed. These professionals earn a median annual salary of just under $36,000.

The statistics outlined above are quite impressive. There are few professions with a similar rapid growth rate and remarkably high employment level. There is an abundance of patients who seek massage therapy treatment and a comparably small labor pool. This supply and demand dynamic is clearly in the favor of those who are looking to enter the field of massage therapy.


Rising Employment in Desirable Locales

It is also worth noting that massage therapists are in high demand in areas that have fantastic weather and quality of life. Active people tend to gravitate toward massage therapy and other bodily treatments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reports show that Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado are amongst the top markets for massage therapy.


Strike While the Iron is Hot

Though massage therapy probably won’t be automated out of existence for a very long time (if ever), the next couple of decades will likely be the profession’s “prime”. The baby boomers are entering their golden years and will require extensive physical treatment including massage therapy. This age cohort is the second largest in the country behind their millennial children. Become a massage therapist and you will undoubtedly have access to a steady flow of baby boomer clients. The boomers have ample discretionary income, aging bodies, and a penchant for spending. In a nutshell, the baby boomers represent the perfect client persona for massage therapists.

Your Massage Therapy Career Awaits

You are living in a remarkable era of history in which a small investment of time and money in massage therapy training can yield considerable dividends. This field pays well, and offers rewarding work that improves the lives of others while providing a steady stream of opportunities that will likely be available across the ensuing decades. It can be said without reservation that there has never been a better time to be a massage therapist.