Massage Therapy Licenses Pennsylvania

The massage therapy industry in Pennsylvania has recorded significant growth over the past few years. The workweek for private sector employees in Pennsylvania averages around 33.5 hours. PA is home to several Fortune 500 and other large companies, meaning most people have a hectic and challenging work schedule. Yet, life is largely sedentary here, and people in this region often complain of high anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, chronic pain, and muscle tension. With such ailments being common, they seek massage therapy on a regular basis.

Pennsylvania is the fifth most populous state in the US and a leader in the financial and insurance industry. This backdrop makes the prospects of Massage Therapy very bright.

If you’re seeking employment as a massage therapist or wish to start your own business, Pennsylvania is a great location. However, you must be a Licensed Massage Therapist, with the Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy, having completed the minimum required hours from a massage therapy program like what Institute for Therapeutic Massage offers.

According to January 2018 figures, Massage Therapist salaries averaged around $26.50 per hour in Pennsylvania. The lowest was recorded at $7.25 per hour, while the highest was an amazing $65 per hour.

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