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Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Certified Personal Trainer

Deciding on a career choice can be a complicated process for many individuals. For those that want to have a real and lasting impact on the lives of others, becoming a certified personal trainer offers an excellent opportunity to earn a great income while making a difference. If you’ve considered personal trainer school, continue reading below to determine if you have what it takes to be successful in this field.

What is Required to be Successful as a Personal Trainer?

Becoming a certified personal trainer provides many opportunities to advance your professional career and make lasting impacts on the lives of those you work with. The following skills are required to be successful in this career choice.

People Skills

Working as a certified personal trainer means that you’ll develop one-on-one relationships with clients. You’ll need to be able to have meaningful and clear communication with them in order to understand their problem areas and offer real and lasting solutions. Listening skills are just as important as  clear verbal and communication skills. While it may require some fine-tuning along the way, the effort is well worth it as you develop meaningful bonds with your client base and experience the joy of seeing positive changes occur in their lives as a result of your help.

Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology

Of course, training others in the proper methodology of completing specific exercises requires you to have a full knowledge of anatomy and physiology as it relates to the human body. As you undergo a personal trainer certification, you’ll be taught the specific skills required for you to be successful in this field.

Keep Up to Date on Exercises and Equipment

Technology continues to advance on an ongoing basis. As a result, certain exercises will change or become modified according to advancements made in the field of personal training. Additionally, exercise equipment will also continue to change and improve. You’ll need to remain up to date on these changes so that you can continue to help your clients where they need it most.

Sales and Marketing Skills

Whether you want to start up your own business as a personal trainer or work within a reputable fitness center or medical facility, you’ll also need to have some basic sales and marketing skills. While you might not be selling a product, you are providing a beneficial service and encouraging clients to choose you over other competing trainers. You’ll also have to analyze the marketplace to be sure your price point is accurate and competitive.

Combining Personal Training and Massage Therapy

Many fitness centers and gyms provide access to both certified personal trainers and massage therapists. Have you ever considered the similarities in these two fields? For starters, both require an advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology. Second, both also require excellent interpersonal skills. Both career choices also provide an excellent opportunity to work directly with others in a meaningful way that helps them accomplish goals and dreams. Both career opportunities can be very satisfying for those who want to help others in their daily career.

Becoming a certified trainer requires dedication and commitment. With the in-depth training provided by The Institute for Therapeutic Massage, you can gain the skills needed to become either a personal trainer or a massage therapist in as little as seven months. Furthermore, you will have all the certification necessary to practice your new career legally in the state of New York or New Jersey. Contact our friendly admissions staff today for more information on these exciting career opportunities.