ITM Students with AMTA at Spring Lake

ITM Team,
The Spring Lake 5 mile run was held yesterday 5/23. It is the largest 5 mile race in the country with 12,500 runners this year. Although the weather was not nice (to say the least) our students were fantastic.

Students were paired off with experience Sports Therapist from the AMTA Sports Team. The Team and Students did sports work on 243 runners. This was a great turnout keeping the weather in mind. Students learned in a real life scenerio. At times, with the pressure on, they performed better than could have been expected.

This was the first sporting event I have ever been associated with where the securtiy was unbelievable. As an animal lover (especially German Shep dogs) I loved seeing them work. I’ve attached a photo of a police officer with his dog checking all our bags. The officer asked that we not pet the dog as he was in his working mode.

I have to say I was so proud of our students. They were professional in every way.

Kudo’s to:
Marlene, Eva, Jenna and Melanie.

Thank you,
Bruce A. Spicer
ITM Instructor
AMTA-NJ 1st Vice President
AMTA-NJ Sports Team Chair