Can I Be Certified in NY or PA from a Massage School in NJ

Settling on a career choice can be one of the most challenging things you do as an adult. However, embarking on a new career is also an exciting time full of new adventures to be discovered. If you’ve considered getting your massage license, you may be wondering if this is the right career choice for you. Consider the following frequently asked questions regarding gaining a massage license:

What are the Benefits Associated with a Massage Therapy Career?

A career as a certified massage therapist can provide you with a wide array of benefits. First of all, many people in this field express great satisfaction that their work benefits the health and well-being of others. Additionally, many massage therapists open their own practices, affording them the ultimate flexibility to maintain family obligations and fulfill other desired engagements.

Can I be Certified in NY or PA from a NJ Massage School?

Many people considering a career as a massage therapist also wonder about the way that licensing and certification works. For example, is it possible to become certified in a state other than the one you attended massage school in? In answering this question, it is important to realize that all states have different licensing and certification requirements. You may choose to attend massage school anywhere you wish. To receive proper certification in the appropriate state you wish to practice in, you’ll need to find out the specific requirements of that state.

Where Can I Work as a Massage Therapist?

As a massage therapist, you will have a great deal of flexibility in pursuing a career in various types of facilities. For example, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, and spas all make use of the skills that massage therapists can provide. You will have no shortage of exciting arenas in which to work, opening up many possibilities for future employment.

What are Some Similar Types of Career Choices?

Many of those considering massage therapy also wonder about similar types of careers that they may use to supplement massage school. One popular choice is that of a personal trainer. Since many rehab and fitness centers utilize the skills of both of these types of professionals, they are two choices that work well together. If you’re considering your personal trainer certification in NJ, it may be a great accompaniment to massage school.

More Information about The Institute for Therapeutic Massage

At The Institute for Therapeutic Massage, we understand how important it is to choose the right career path for your interests, needs, and future goals. While many people long for a career that serves others, it’s also important that you fully enjoy what you do. We specialize in providing the in-depth training needed to qualify you to become a licensed massage therapist. In fact, this can be accomplished in as little as seven months with our flexible training programs. Over the past few years, we have helped thousands of individuals just like you to achieve success. Furthermore, our programs are designed to meet the full licensing requirements of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. If you would like more information on an exciting new career as a massage therapist, contact our friendly admissions staff for assistance.